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Unlock your website’s potential with our free trial – no credit card required. SEO‑compliant, no coding knowledge needed and 259 pre-populated business types. Customize with ease, update in real‑time, and make your website uniquely yours.

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Test the waters of web design with Tec Nut’s free trial; it’s your all-access pass to explore their easy-to-use website builder without spending a penny.

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Every site crafted with Tec Nut comes out of the box SEO-optimised, ensuring your website is primed to climb the ranks of search engine results from day one.

Responsive Design

Our responsive web design guarantees a flawless user experience across all screens and devices. With flexible layouts, your site effortlessly adapts to any screen, ensuring accessibility on every device.

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Easily outsmart your clunky old web editor; with Tec Nut, you can jazz up your web pages faster than a squirrel on an espresso binge.

Customisable Templates

Dive into Tec Nut’s vast ocean of pre-built web templates, where finding the perfect design for your site is as simple as pie.

Zero coding

Unleash your inner web designer with Tec Nut, where you can create a stunning website without writing a single line of code - just select a template, and watch your online presence come to life effortlessly.

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What websites can I make with Tec Nut?

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Single Page

Take control of your website with customisable template options including services, prices, location, reviews, contact and social media details.


  • Full Hosted Trade Website
  • No Coding Required – simple to self-maintain and update
  • Prepopulated Content To Suit Your Trade
  • Customisable call to action banner
  • Services Suggested Content
  • Prices Suggested Content
  • Location & Business Hours
  • User reviews section
  • Google Map Location
  • Social media integration
  • Version 3 reCaptcha spam protection on all forms
  • SSL security certificate
  • Compliant cookie policy
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Multi Page

More complex, customisable site offering the above and any other information the company would like to convey, from product pages, to galleries, to booking forms.

Features of a single page plus

  • Blog / News section
  • Booking / Quote / intelligent contact form options
  • Gallery & project page
  • Product & equipment listing page
  • Plans and pricing page
  • Restaurant and bar menu pages
  • About us page with team members
  • Events calendar
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